Scheme for reimbursement of the expenditure incurred by Limestone & Dolomite, IOMC and Beedi Workers on the Domiciliary treatment of minor diseases like Hernia, Appendectomy ulcer, Gynecological diseases and prostate diseases.


The scheme contemplates to provide reimbursement of the expenditure to the worker or to the Hospital Authorities where a bonafide Iron Ore, Manganese Ore and Chrome Ore mine, Limestone and Dolomite Mine, Mica Mine, Beedi and Cine Workers, who undergoes treatment for diseases like Hernia, Appendectomy, ulcer, Gynecological disease and prostate diseases.


How to apply:-
Limestone & Dolomite, IOMC mines, Mica Mines/Beedi/Cine Worker who takes treatment in a recognized hospital for the diseases like Hernia, Appendectomy, ulcer, Gynecological diseases and prostate diseases shall seek permission from/inform the concerned Welfare Commissioner by submitting an application along with the recommendations of the Medical Officer of the Labour Welfare Organisation certifying that the patient required specialized treatment in a hospital.
The request from the worker should be submitted in Form A and the request for reimbursement of treatment charges and subsistence allowance etc. should be submitted in Form B.


Treatment Charges  

The actual expenditure shall be reimbursed on the following items as charged by the hospital authorities in respect of beds in general wards.

                        1. Hospital charges including diet etc.

                        2. Expenses to pre and post operation check ups.

 The reimbursable amount shall not exceed actual cost of treatment or Rs.30,000/- whichever is less.



(i) A bonafide Limestone & Dolomite, IOMC, Mica Mine/Beedi Worker who has put in at least three years continuous service in a Limestone & Dolomite, IOMC/Beedi establishment and draws wages not exceeding Rs.10, 000/- per month on the date he/she reports to the Medical officer of Labour Welfare Organisation for treatment, shall be eligible to get benefit under the scheme.  

(ii) The workers who are eligible for reimbursement from their employers shall not be eligible for re-imbursement under this scheme and a certificate from the employer that the claimant is not eligible for re-imbursement from the employer shall accompany every claim for re-imbursement.


Scheme of expenditure
Welfare Commissioner, Labour Welfare Organisation shall sanction all the benefits under the scheme and incur the expenditure in the sub-head Health-Other Charges after due verification.
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