The scheme of leprosy relief for mine / beediworkers (including gharkhata workers)


The necessity of providing special facilities for leprosy patients in the mica / iron ore and manganese ore & chrome ore / limestone and dolomite mines and beedi concentration areas is well established. The funds are endeavouring to provide facilities for treatment of leprosy by payment of grants-in-aid to bodies / organization etc. which provide indoor /outdoor treatment facilities in recognized hospitals / clinics / dispensaries.


The following facilities will be provided to mine / beedi workers and their dependants suffering from leprosy and undergoing treatment in recognized hospitals / clinics / dispensaries and dispensaries / hospitals run by the labour welfare organization.


(i) Payment of grant-in-aid to bodies, organizations, etc. (other than dispensaries / hospitals run by labour welfare organization) which are providing indoor treatment facilities at a rate of Rs. 30/-per patient per day or the rate of the organization, whichever is less. The indoor treatment will be restricted to a period of nine months unless sanctioned for a longer period on the advice of the medical authority concerned, in exceptional circumstances.


(ii) Payment of grants-in-aid to bodies, organizations, etc. (other than dispensaries / hospitals run by labour welfare organization) which are providing outdoor treatment facilities at a rate of Rs. 6/-per patient per day or the actual cost of the medicines, whichever is less. Request for the grant-in-aid referred to in (i) and (ii) above from statutory or voluntary organizations or bodies shall be considered by the finance sub-committee of advisory committee and with their concurrence, be referred to the government for approval. The grants would be payable only if satisfactory arrangements exists at the hospitals / clinics / dispensaries run by the bodies, organizations etc. referred to above and that subject to approval of the respective welfare commissioners the patient shall continue to receive the due treatment.


(iii) Grant of subsistence allowance to each patient (mine and beedi workers) who are not paid any allowance by their employers or any other organization for the same purpose undergoing treatment as in-patient or outdoor patient at a rate not exceeding Rs. 150/-per month for a period of treatment on the following conditions:-
                        (a) The rate of the allowance payable to each patient with dependants will be Rs. 300/-per month and Rs. 200/-per month without dependant.


                        (b) The patient should be the only earning member of the family and should produce satisfactory evidence of regular treatment and non-receipt of financial help from other recognized sources for the same purpose.


(iv) Grant of subsistence allowance to each patient undergoing treatment as an outdoor patient will be on productions of satisfactory evidence of :


                        (a) Undergoing regular treatment as outdoor patient from a medical authority approved by the welfare land cess commissioner, labour welfare organization.


                        (b) Non-receipt of any financial assistance from the management of the mine / beedi establishment.



A worker who has put in a minimum of six months continuous with 50% attendance and in the case of beedi workers on production of identity card issued by the owner of an establishment factory or contractor engages in the manufacture of beedi, to this effect and drawing wages not exceeding Rs. 1600/-p.m. shall be entitled to the facilities under the scheme. Identity cards issued by the welfare fund organization will also be acceptable. Wife and unmarried dependent children up to the age of 21 years and parents fully dependent on the entitled workers shall also be afforded the facilities.


An application (in duplicate) in the prescribed from for grant of subsistence allowance will be made through the manager / owner of mine / beedi establishment to the welfare and cess commissioner, labour welfare fund as per appendix-I.
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