Tal And serious accident benefit scheme for mine workers working in mica, iron ore, Manganese ore & chrome ore and limestone and dolomite mines .


1The scheme relates to the grant of certain benefit in cases where mine workers meet with fatal accident or are totally and permanently incapacitated ue to accident in mica, iron ore, manganese ore and chrome ore and limestone and dolomite mines. It will be administered by the welfare commissioner concerned.  
2. The following benefit are admissible under the scheme :-
(i)A lump sum of Rs. 10,000 /- (Rupees Ten thousand only)
(ii) (a) If the allowance Rs. 1,000/- p.m. for a period of is payable to the 5 years on the same terms and widow / widows conditions as laid down earlier.

(b) If the allowance Rs. 1000/- p.m. for a period of is payable to a 5 years on the same terms and dependent other than conditions as laid down earlier widow / widows such as:

(i) Guardian of miner children;

(ii) Father;

(iii) Mother;

(iv) Any other relation / relation dependant on the deceased worker.

(iii)A monthly scholarship of Rs. 250 /- (Two hundred fifty only) payable  in respect of each school going child till he / she attains the age of 21 is married, whichever is earlier. The said scholarship will be payable only if the child actually attends school and shows progress.

3. The benefit mentioned in sub-paras (i) and (ii) of Para 2 are payable to :
(a) The mine worker if he / she are permanently incapacitated.

(b) In the case of death of a mine worker, in the following order of preference to the exclusion of other categories;

                        (i) Widow / widows / widower;

                        (ii) Guardian of minor children

                        (iii) Father

                        (iv) Mother

                        (v) Any other relation / relations dependents on the deceased worker.

A widow / widower will not get the benefit if she / he remarry. In the case of relation / dependants being more than on the benefit admissible in sub Paras (i) and (ii) of Para 2 would be divided equally amongst all of them. The benefit admissible under sub Para (iii) of Para 2 above would be payable to either of the parents or the guardian of the school going child / children. For this purpose, the person / persons who is / are considered by the welfare commissioner to be the proper person / persons representing the child / children would be deemed to be the guardian.

4. In the case of re-marriage of a widow / widower or the death of person / persons mentioned in Para 3 (b), the benefit payable would devolve on the next immediate category of dependents in the order priority.
 5.Application for grant of benefit are to be made in the form appendix I duly attested by the Mukhia of the gram panchayat or mine manager or agent to the welfare commissioner.  
(a)In case of child who joins school from a date after the death / permanent incapacitation, application should be the companied with the birth certificate of the child. (Amended vide Ministry s letter No. M- 12011 / 8 / 87 W.V dated 20 /6 / 88 page 13 / c)

6.In the case of scholarship for school going child / children, a certificate from the head of the schools showing the date of admission and stating that the child / children continue to attend the schools should also be attached to the application form. A child who joins school from a date after the death/permanent incapacitation shall be eligible for the scholarship ( Amended vide ministrys letter no.  m 12011 / 8 / 87 -W.V dated 20 /6 / 88  page 13 / c )

7.The accident will be confirmed by the office of the director general of mine safety before the claim in accepted.

 8.The benefit will be sanctioned by the welfare commissioner under intimation to the applicant.

9.The monthly scholarship and the allowance will be payable after the close of the month to which the scholarship / allowance relates.

10.(a) In the case of payments, the disbursing officer will certify before making payment that the recipient is alive and in case of a widow / widower, he / she is not remarried, in the case of child / children , they are not more than 21 years old and school going daughters are not married.

(b)In case of recipients who are residing too for away for personal payment by the disbursing officers concerned, the amount will be remitted by money order on their application, the cost of remittance being met from the welfare fund.

(c)Where payments are to be made by money order the recipient should send the disbursing officer every month a certificate to the effect that in the cases of widow / widower, she / he is nor remarried and in the case of children they are not more than 21 years old and in the case of school going daughters they have not married. In the case of scholarship the person who actually looks after the children should also bond a certificate to the effect that he / she is actually looking after the children. Every six months the above maintained certificate should be countersigned either by the Mukhiya of gram panchayat of the village in which he / she is residing or the manager / agent of the mine where the accident took place.

11.A certificate from the superintendent of any hospital run by the fund, or where there are no hospitals run by the fund by the medical officer of the mine hospital, will be considered final and conclusive proof as to whether a worker is totally and permanently incapacitated due to accident for the purpose of receiving the benefits under the scheme.

12.If any applicant is found to have obtained benefit under the scheme by a statement which he / she knows to be false, or has reason to believe to be false, such benefit will be withdrawn immediately and the applicant will render himself / herself liable to such action as may be considered necessary.
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