Scheme for grant of financial assistance to the Mica/Iron Ore, Manganese Ore, Chrome Ore/ Limestone & Dolomite Mines Workers, Beedi Workers (including Gharkhata Workers) and Cine Workers for purchase of Spectacles.


1. Those Mine/Beedi/Cine Workers who have completed 5 years of service in the Mines/Beedi/Cine Establishments and in the case of GharkhataBeedi Workers who are in this trade for the last 5 years on the date of application even after computing broken spells of service and who are covered under clause (H) of section 2 of Mines Act,1952/section 2(b) of the Beedi Workers Welfare Fund Act,1976, shall be eligible to get benefit under this scheme.

2. The Welfare Organisation shall arrange examination of needy mine workers/Beedi workers including Gharkhata Workers/Cine workers in their own hospitals, if such arrangement exists, failing which the workers may get their eyes tested in the state hospitals or in a Hospital of Public Sector Undertaking or from a qualified Optician and obtain the lense(s) number for the Spectacles.3. The re-imbursement will be made on the production of cash receipt for purchase of Spectacles, spectacles and prescription from the Optician/doctor before an officer of Labour Welfare Organisation nominated by the concerned Welfare Commissioner.

4. The cost of frame and lenses shall be borne by the funds to the extent of Rs. 150/- only. If the cost exceeds the said amount, it will be met by the miner/worker himself.

5. A miner/worker who has been supplied with the spectacles will not be entitled for replacement of the same for the following 5 years, if the power of the lenses needs a change, the lenses may be replaced after one year from the date of purchase for which last reimbursement was made and at cost not exceeding Rs. 20/-.

6. The eligible worker shall have to apply in the prescribed form for obtaining the spectacles or reimbursement of the cost thereof in part or full from the Welfare Organisation.

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