Scheme for award of scholarships under Beedi/Iron Ore, Manganese Ore, and Chrome Ore Mines/LSDM/Mica Mines/Cine Workers Welfare Funds.

The Scheme to grant scholarships to the children of workers covered under the Beedi Workers‟ Welfare Fund Act,1976,the Limestone & Dolomite Mines Labour Welfare Fund Act,1972,the Iron Ore Mines, Manganese Ore Mines & Chrome Ore Mines Labour Welfare Fund Act,1976,,and the Cine Workers Welfare Fund Act,1981 has been Committee, the Government have made certain amendments to the scheme, which were communicated to all Welfare Commissioners vide Ref. No.M-13011/3/93-W.IV dated 9.11.1993 and certain clarifications was subsequently issued vide Ref.M-13011/3/93-W.IV dated 28.12.94.

2. A need for redrafting of the scheme has been felt in view of the changes mentioned above. The scheme is also intended to cover children of the contract workers in any of the activities mentioned above.

3. Accordingly, in suppression of all instructions/clarifications issued in the past, the scheme For award of scholarships under Beedi /Iron Ore, Manganese Ore & Chrome Ore Mines/Limestone & Dolomite Mines/Mica Mines/Cine Workers Welfare Fund shall be as follows:-
                        (i) Rates of Scholarship :-

Scholarship shall be awarded at the following rates per student per year :-








Group I

Class I to IV



Group II

Class V to VIII



Group III

Class IX



Group IV

Class X



Group V

Class XI to XII



Group VI

Non-professional degree courses, non-professional post graduate courses, 2/3years Diploma courses, BCA, BBA & PGDCA.



Group VII

Professional degree courses {BE/B.Tech/MBBS/BAMS/BUMS/B.Sc.(Agri.) and MCA/MBA}.





(ii) Eligibility :-

(a) Either of the parents of the students should be a beedi worker or a mine worker in Iron Ore/Manganese Ore/Chrome Ore Mines, Limestone/Limestone/Dolomite or Mica Mines or a cine worker for six months at least. This would also include Contract Labourers.

                        (b) Total income of both the parents of the students from all sources should not exceed Rs.10,000/- p.m. including all allowances.


(iii) Reservation-:
For the student belonging to SC and ST, there shall be a reservation on the basis of percentage of SC / ST population in the district concerned, subject to the condition that it would not be less than 15% or SC and 7.5% for ST. Coverage for female students should be enlarged and efforts should be made of ensure 50% courage over all for female students and to cover all children belonging to SC / ST who have past the last qualifying examination

:: N O T E ::

Students, who after passing one stage of education/professional course are, studying in the same stage of education, but in a different subject or different professional course shall not be eligible. Students, who receive scholarship or stipend from any other sources, will not be eligible for this scholarship .A certificate to this effect should be received from the school authorities.


(iv) Process of making application and sanction thereafter
Every new application for scholarship will be made in the prescribed proforma (Annexure-I).The application can be submitted in a hand written proforma as at Annexure-I. All the applications should be in local language. Applications should be made by 15th August, of every year to the head of the institution concerned.


Head of the institution, on verifying details as given in the application by the student from the information available in the school record, will sign the certificate as given in Para. III of application from. For the purpose of verifying Identity Card No., or P.F. Account No. the head of the institution can call for it from the parents of the students concerned, in case of doubt. Head of the institution will forward all the application forms through concerned dispensary staff to the Welfare Commissioner by 15th September of every year.
On receipt of application in the office of the Welfare Commissioner, they shall be examined with reference to the contents furnished in the applications. On examination, if it is found that the student had been granted scholarships in the previous year by LWO, sanction shall be accorded by the Welfare Commissioner concerned without further verification. All other applications shall be got scrutinized by the Welfare Commissioners by the 30th November of every year.


At least 10 % of the applications found to satisfy all the eligibility criteria, shall be compulsorily verified by the Welfare Commissioner concerned by making local enquiries. By the end of November of every year, the Welfare Commissioner, shall issue sanction of the scholarships and send the list to the accredited bank for preparing drafts. Every effort should be made to send the drafts to the head of institutions concerned by the end of January of the succeeding year.

(V) Disbursement of Scholarships :-
On receipt of scholarship amount by the concerned, head of institution, it shall be disbursed to the student concerned by the head of institution who will forward the stamped acquaintance, duly countersigned by him to the Welfare Commissioner concerned.

                        4. The Scholarship sanctioned, should not be disbursed by the head of the institution, in the following cases, and returned undisguised to the sanctioning authority (Welfare Commissioner) stating the reason for non-disbursement :

                        (a) It the student is found to have obtained sanction by making false statements.

                        (b) If the student discontinues his/her studies.

                        (c) If the student does not make satisfactory progress or is irregular in attendance or is found guilty of misconduct during the academic year for which scholarship was granted.

                        5. At least 10% of the scholarship sanctioned every year should be verified by the Welfare Commissioner by making local inquiry to see whether the sanctioned amount of scholarship has actually been receive by the scholar/his or her parents. At least 50% of the verification done should be in respect of SC/ST/Female scholar.