Scheme of financial assistance for implementing water supply scheme in iron ore, manganese ore, limestone and dolomite, and iron mining (for small mine owners)

The scheme contemplates the provisions of financial assistance to the small mine owners raising 3000 tones of limestone / dolomite or raising 1500 tones of iron ore / manganese ore / chrome ore p.m. and in case of all mine owners of mica (irrespective of the quantum of production). The small mine owners may proper the scheme is consultation with the state P.H.E.D. / engineers of the fund and implement the scheme for the benefit of labour employed in iron / manganese ore and limestone and dolomite and mica mines. In case the mine owner is not in a position to implement the scheme due to non-availability of engineering personal with them the scheme may be on trusted to the State P.H.E.D. to implement the same to deposited work on payment of usual charges, if any. The charges are to be borne equally by the management as well as by the Fund. This should not be linked with the Estimates and to be dealt with separately. The quantum of financial assistance will be based on available resources, the extent to which mining population is benefited and the actual cost of the scheme. In any case the total cost of the scheme should not exceed Rs. 5 Lakhs.


1.Application for financial assistance under the scheme should be addressed to the Welfare Commissioner/Vice-Chairman of the Fund in the region concerned and should contain the following particulars:- (i)Area of coverage,
(ii)The total population it would cover (separate figure to be given in respect of mining and non-mining population who will be benefited by the scheme.

(iii)The total quantity of water required and the quantity proposed to be supplied per caption.

and estimates of the scheme indicating the estimated cost of each item together with source of water supply.

(v)Details regarding the quality of water available and the type of filtration and chemical treatment needed.

(vi)Fund proposed to be provided by the mine owner (not less than 25% of the estimated cost).

2.The scheme received by the Welfare Commissioner will be sent to the Public Health Engineering Deptt. Of the State Government and in his absence the Executive Engineer of the C.P.W.D. shall be competent to do this. If the scheme is found to be technically found the same may be placed before the Finance Sub-Committee to obtain its concurrences to the scheme and also be recommend the quantum of assistance to be made available from the Fund for the purpose, provided that if any such scheme is of a composite nature and involves instructs of local bodies and rural areas, and/or the scheme has not been included in the approved budget, it shall be placed before the Finance Sub-Committee and the Advisory Committee also. After obtaining their concurrence, the Welfare Commissioner/Vice-Chairman may take the following steps :-
(a)In respect of scheme which can be dealt with by him in accordance with rule 19 of the Iron Ore Mines and Manganese Ore Mines Labour Welfare Fund Rules ,1973/ Rule 22 of the Limestone and Dolomite Mines Labour Welfare Rules, 1973/Rule 24 of the Mica Mines Labour Welfare Fund Rules, 1948 in his capacity as Welfare Commissioner/Vice Chairman, he may communicate the following to the party concerned :-

(i)Approval of the scheme specifying such terms conditions as may be necessary for its successful implementation.

(ii)The total quantum of assistance not exceeding 75% of the estimated cost that will be made available from the Fund on the satisfactory execution of the scheme.
(iii)Sanction for the payment of portion of the cost of the scheme, not exceeding half the total quantum of the assistance, as initial financial assistance. Copies of sanctions should be endorsed to the Ministry.

(b )Scheme not covered by (a) above may be sent to the Ministry of Labour  with due recommendation and the Ministry will take steps to issue orders relating to

(i)Approval of the scheme, specifying such terms and conditions as may be necessary,

(ii)The total quantum of assistance not exceeding 75% of the estimated outlay that will be made available from the Fund on the satisfactory execution of the scheme.

(iii)Sanction for payment of a portion of the cost of the scheme, not exceeding half the total quantum of assistance as initial financial assistance.

(c)After the scheme has been implemented, scrutiny before final payment of financial assistance to ensure that the scheme has been satisfactorily executed will be done by the public health Engineer / Executive Engineer of the state govt. / CPWD and this report furnished to the welfare commissioner / vice-chairmen. If the scheme as executed involves any substantial modification in the scheme originally sanctioned in consultation with the finance sub-committee or the advisory committee as the case may be, it shall be placed before the respective committee also. The welfare commissioner / vice-chairmen will make payment of the balance of assistance already sanctioned in respect of scheme which come competence under rule 19 of the iron ore / manganese ore mines labour welfare fund rules, 1978 / rule 22 of the limestone and dolomite mines labour welfare fund rules, 1973 / rule 24 of mica mines labour welfare fund rules, 1948. A formal certificate about the proper completion of the work and the total expenditure actually incurred on the scheme should be obtained from the claimants before the final payment of the grant. If the actual expenditure in less than the estimated expenditure the final grant will be proportionately reduced copies of sanction issued should be enclosed to the ministry. Schemes which do not come within the occupation of the welfare commissioner / vice-chairman should be forwarded to the ministry of labour for issuing necessary sanction.

(d)Sanctions, whether for initial payment or final payment issued without consulting the advisory committee in accordance with the procedure sot cut above shall be reported to the advisory committee at its earliest meeting.