Scheme for excursion-cum-study tours for the workers employed in mica/iron ore, manganese ore and chrome ore/limestone and dolomite mines.


 I. Introduction :
Excursion-cum-study Tours of the workers arranged in the mica/ Iron Ore, Manganese sore chrome ore/Limestone and Dolomite Mines will provide an opportunity to visit various important industries, historical and religious palaces in the country and broaden in their out-look. For the above purpose, organising excursions or group of these excursions may bring workers of different palaces and different units together for exchange ideas to their feelings of integration and oneness.


II. Conditions :
1. (a)The Scheme will be implemented through the managements.
(b)The mode of transport for the excursion-cum-study tour shall be a bus/ Mini bus / Matador Van/Train, which is found economical by the management.
(c)The cost of transport shall not exceed the cost of transportation of thetouring workers by a second class coach of a passenger / mail / express train by the shortest rout up to the farthest point visited during the tour. The distance shall be consolable from the station where the palace of work of the minor(s) is or the station nearest thereto.

2.Not more than one trip will be sanctioned for each state on each Organisation during a financial year subject to availability of funds as part of Maharashtra in this respect.
3.More than one mica / establishment in a state may in together and sponsor the trip on such conditions as the management may agree upon them selves but the aid from the Organisation will be limited to the amount as specified in the scheme for the tour intimated by the participating management / establishment.
4.The period of tour and the total distance to and from should not exceed 10 days and 3000 kms. respectively.
5.The number of workers in one trip should not be than 10 and not more than 50 in any case.
6.During the tour the management may grant special leave to the participants with full wages.
7.Not mote than 2 officials will be allowed to accompany the tour party. No official of the Welfare Organization will participate in the tour under circumstances.
8.No financial assistance in regard to TA / DA paid to the officials accompany the tour will be reimbursable from the Welfare Organisation.
9.The management will submit the proposal to the Welfare Commissioner thought the subordinate officers concerned in the enclosed from Welfare commissioner in turn will examine the proposal and place the same before the state advisory committee, the Welfare commissioner will sanction the tour subject to the condition laid down in the scheme.
10.On receipt of the sanction, the management should work out the identity of the tour with definite date of tour etc. and obtain prior approval of the Welfare commissioner before the tour is undertaken.
11.The management will, in first instance, incur the expenditure and then claim reimbursement of admissible amount from the Welfare Organization.


III. Financial aid from the welfare organisation :
The financial aid will be a grant-in-aid payable on matching basis subject to a maximum of 20,000 per tour on the following conditions:-


1.50 % bus hire charges subject to the conditions laid down at Para ii (i). Private bus I cheaper then state transport corporation, the bus should be hired from such transport company who quote lowest rate. In such cases the rates of at lowest three transport companies should be compared and bus should be hired from the Company who quotes the lowest rate. The quotations in original together with comparative statement should be sent along with the claim. Further a certificate about reasonableness of the charges should be nit enclosed on the Transport Authorities of the area.


2. The daily allowance paid to the workers during the period of tour will be Rs. 10/- per day worker. The day from this purpose will be calculated from the mid night and the broken period of 12 hours and above will be counted as a day. The period below 12 hours will be ignored for this purpose.


3.Emergent postal telegram and telephone charges incurred during the trip subject to a maximum of Rs. 100/- per tour.

4.Insurance in case of accident / death provided to workers during the tour, premium of which should not exceed Rs. 5/- per workers, with a nationalized Insurance Company.


NOTE: In case of accident / death etc. the management will arranged for full payment to part thereof immediately on their own at the first instance Insurance Company.


IV. Eligibility
1.All workers both payment and temporary shall be eligible for selection provided that :-


(a)His/her name is in the form B register and has put in condition service of atleast two years.


(b)He/She should actually be an employee of the mine /establishment on the relevant date of tour and should be in possession of identity card.


(c)His / her monthly earning should not exceed Rs. 10,000/- .


2.In the matter of selection, performance should be given to the workers with longer service and lesser may among the following categories arranged according to priority:-
(a)Underground workers in mining operation.
(b)Surface workers.


3.The dependents of the workers are not eligible.


4.The workers who have once availed themselves of the facilities under the scheme shall not be eligible for such benefit for the next four years form the date for completion of the tour.


5.The selection of the participants in the tour will be done by the Welfare commissioner of the mine/ establishment ( if not such committee exists, the selection committee may be constituted comprising of representatives of worker / management) set up for the purpose in which a representative of the Welfare commissioner as nominated by him will be included. The selection done by the committee shall be final subject to alteration by the Welfare commissioner at his direction. The selection committee shall also down up a panel of names to be kept in reserved list in order of priority in case any selected worker is the vacancy so caused shall be given to the person in the waiting list, I order of opportunity.


6.A statement showing the particulars of the participants selected for the tour such as Name, Fathers Name, Designation, Monthly earning, B Register note, Identity Card No, Date from which working continually etc . should be sent to the Welfare commissioner 15 days before the proposed tour with individual declaration duly signed by the participant in form B enclosed.


7.The deviations of the approved itinerary of the tour should only be done with the prior permission of the Welfare commissioner except in case of emergency unforeseen circumstance for which ox-pest-facto approval of Welfare commissioner shall be issued.



V.Procedure to be followed for submission of claim:
On conclusion of the tour, the management shall submit their claim with the following particulars:-
1.The list of persons who had gone on tour duly signed by the accepting 2 officials refereed to at item no II (7) and countersigned mines management


Note: - If more than one mines management have joined together and sponsored the trip, the sponsoring mines management above refers to that management to who the expending on tour reimbursable as per condition II (3)


1. A statement showing the details of claims such as period of tour, number of participants , places visited, distance between the palaces so visited total distance averred, amount of bus hire charges amount of DA paid to the participants the amount and trunk call charges, Insurance premium paid etc., reimbursement admissible etc.
3.Original bills / other supporting documents with the required certificates.  
The stamped a quittance from the participants of the tour for payment of DA paid during the tour.  
Advance stamped receipt for the amount payable by the Welfare Organisation duly signed and sealed by the management.


1.A detailed report about the tour.