The scheme contemplates to provide medical facilities to Mica Miners, Iron ore, Manganese ore & Chrome ore Miners, Limestone and Dolomite Miners, Beedi workers (including Gharkhata workers) and Cine workers and their dependents suffering from cancer.

1. Eligibility :-

A worker who has put in at least 6 months continuous service irrespective of any pay limit shall be entitled to the benefits. Wife/husband, solely dependent and unmarried children upto the age of 21 and parents fully dependent on the entitled workers shall be entitled for the benefits except the subsistence allowance. The patients who receive the treatments whether as indoor patients or out-door patients in a recognized cancer Hospital are entitled to the above benefits.


2. Obtaining of permission before taking treatments :-

The worker seeking treatment for self or for his dependent in a recognized cancer Hospital should obtain permission of the Welfare Commissioner by submitting an application in the prescribed form A(enclosed).

3. Re-imbursement of expenditure on Medical Treatment :-
The actual expenditure on treatment, medicines and diet charges incurred by a Mine/Beedi/Cine worker or his dependent on treatment of cancer in a recognized cancer Hospital will be reimbursed subject to the usual safeguards irrespective of any pay limit.                        

4. Subsistence Allowance :-  

Where the worker

(a) happens to be the only earning member of the family and

(b) has no other source of income during the period of treatment, subsistence allowance @ Rs.600/- p.m. where the worker has no dependent or has one dependent and Rs.750/- p.m. where the number of dependents is more than one shall be paid to the worker undergoing treatment for cancer.


5. Railway Fare :-

Payment of second class rail fare or actual bus fare to the patient from the place of his residence to the hospital and back as also to the attendant will be reimbursed to the concerned worker.


6. Daily Allowance :-

Payment of Rs.50/- (Rupees Fifty only) per day per patient as also to the attendant for onward and return journeys, if performed on two different days will be reimbursed to the workers.

The Railway/Bus fare and D.A. as prescribed above will also be re-disbursed whenever the patient and also his attendant visit the hospital for periodical check up as par the advice of the concerned medical authorities.

7. Submission of claim :-

For re-imbursement of expenditure for treatment of cancer, an application in the prescribed form B (enclosed) would be submitted by the worker to the Welfare Commissioner through his employer with relevant vouchers duly certified by the competent medical authorities of the cancer hospital.

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