Scheme for supply of t.v. sets to mines managements / beedi cooperative societies for the recreation of their miners / beedi workers.



With the linking of various places in the country with the television network, it has become essential to provide T.V. sets to the mines managements and beedi establishments for the benefit of the workers engaged in these industries by providing T.V. sets, the workers will be able to witness programmed of national importance and inculcate in them selves ideas of national integration besides broadening their outlook.


Area of operation
The T.V. sets may be provided to the mines managements and co-operatives societies engaged in beedi manufacturing and located in areas within the range of reception of the existing T.V. centers. In the areas not covered by the existing T.V. network / not yet fully electrified the 16 mm. projectors may be continued.


Procedure for sanction
(a) T.V. sets (colored) will be purchased by the fund organization initially and entrusted with the concerned mines managements / co-operative society of beedi workers. The cost of T.V. set including all accessories should not exceed Rs. 10,000 /- however, if the management is desire us of providing a black and white T.V. set, full cost of the set will be reimbursed by the fund organization subject to a maximum of Rs. 4,000 /-


(b) The management shall enter into an agreement with the fund organization to maintain the T.V. sets in good working condition at all times and exhibit programmers for the benefit of their workers on day-to-day basis.

(c) The incidental expenses incurred in connection with the operation of T.V. set etc. will have to be borne by the concerned management.

(d) Suitable accommodation for installation of T.V. set shall be provided by the management.


(e) If the management fails to comply with the provisions of the scheme / agreement, the fund organization shall have right of withdraw T.V. set if it is supplied departmentally or recover the grant-in-aid amount with interest there on at the prescribed rate if the T.V. set is provided on grant-in-aid basis.


(f) Request of a management for supplying T.V. set who have already been supplied with a 16 mm. projector under the scheme on establishment with of audio-visual sets / cinema van. Exhibition of films will be entertained only after the return of the projector.

Financial implications

Not more than two T.V. sets fund / region shall be / per provided during a financial year and the total financial implications per fund per region shall not exceed Rs. 20,000 /- in a year.
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