Scheme for sinking of wells in the mining areas

1.To relive the miners of water shortage, the government has approved a scheme for sinking of wells in the mining areas for the benefit of miners and their dependants.
2.To popularizes the scheme amongst the mine managements, vide publicity to the scheme shall be given by the fund organization.
3.The field officers or the fund shall also explain the provision of the scheme to the managements as and when they visit the mining areas.
4.The payment of financial assistance shall be restricted to 75% of the cost of sinking of wells subject to ceiling limits as specified in the scheme depending upon the depth and diameter of the wells proposed to be sunk.
5.The management shall select the site for sinking of wells in view of the local geology of the areas.
6.The management shall submit to the welfare commissioner a proposal / application for sinking of wells along with the site plan and estimates indicating the number of beneficiaries and need.
7.The management shall get cleared / certified the scheme from the executive Engineer of the P.H.E.D. of the concerned district.
8.The management shall clearly mention in the application the site is selected after taking into consideration the availability of the water in the areas.
9.The well shall remain the property of the mine owner but he shall have to extend full facilities to take water from the well to the miners.
10.If at any time, the management denies the miners the right of taking water from the well, the amount of subsidy so paid by the fund shall be recovered as arrears of land revenue.
11.In case of default, the ownership of the well shall revert back to the fund without payment of any extra compensation to the management.
12.The management shall be responsible for the proper and regular repairs and maintenance of the wells.
13.The subsidy payable by the fund shall be equal to 75% of the actual cost of the construction as certified by the competent technical authority subject to a maximum of 75% of the ceiling cost as per the sliding scale as specified in the scheme.
14.The land for the purpose shall be acquired by the management at their own cost, if the same is not already available with them.

15.The management shall use the material in sinking of wells of the approved quality.

16.The officers of the fund shall been titled to inspect the construction work at any stage of construction or at any time after the wells are sunk.
17.The sinking of the wells shall be completed by the management as early as possible but in any case within 9 months from the date of execution of the agreement.
18.A formal agreement for the sinking of wells shall here to be executed by the mine-owners in the form as appended at Appendix-69.
19.On completion of the wells, the owners shall submit to the welfare commissioner, a claim for subsidy showing the expenditure actually incurred in such from as may be prescribed by the welfare commissioner.
20.The welfare commissioner on being satisfied that the wells have / has been sunk in accordance with the terms and conditions as agreed to shall pay to the mine owner the amount of subsidy payable as per the scheme.