Scheme for reservation of beds in t.b. hospitals for mine and beedi workers.


The necessity for providing special facilities for T.B. patent in the Mica/Iron Ore, Manganese Ore, Chrome Ore/Limestone and Dolomite Mines and Beedi Corporation on areas is well established. The statutory Welfare Fund Endeavour to provide facilities for specialized treatment of T.B. in the hospitals established, to be established under them. It may take some time for sufficient number of Hospitals to be established and medical facilities on desired scale become available for T.B. patients, It is, therefore, necessary for the Funds to reserve Beds in Hospitals under other fund organization, non-fund T.B. Hospitals/Sanatoria for providing sanatorium line of treatment.


At such T.B. Hospitals/Sanatoria, beds will be reserved for Mica/Iron Ore Manganese Ore and Chrome Ore/Limestone and Dolomite Mines/Beedi Workers and their dependants. The reservation charges (which will include expenditure on costly medicines, X-ray, operation etc.) will be settled in consultation with the Hospital authorities, the prior approval of the Government being taken in such cases where the charges exceed Rs. 10,000/-per bed on actual occupancy or actual charges demanded by the Hospitals/Sanatorium which ever is less. While referring patients to Sanatoria, preference should be given to those T.B. Sanatoria where the charges are to be paid on actual occupancy. The following facilities will be provided to Mine/Beedi Workers suffering from T.B. and undergoing treatment in the sanatorium where beds have been reserved by the Fund :-

i) Medical Treatment :
 Free treatment for a period not exceeding 9 months. In exceptional cases where the treating sanatorium desires a particular patient to be kept for more than this period due to surgical interference etc, the Welfare Commissioner may sanction the stay for a period beyond 9 months.

(ii) Subsistence allowance:
 Payment of subsistence allowance subject to a maximum of Rs. 150/-p.m. for a period not exceeding twelve months to dependants of mine/beedi workers undergoing treatment for T.B. in a sanatorium as an indoor patient where the patient happens to be the only earning member of the family and he has no other source of income provided such a patient is not in the receipt of any salary etc. during the period of such treatment. Out door patient drawing salary during the period of treatment will also not be entitled to this facility. No allowance will be given to women patients whose husband or in case where the patients happen to be dependants of mine/beedi workers. The amount of subsistence allowance will be Rs. 200/- per person when the number of dependants is and Rs. 250/-per month when the dependants are more than one.

( iii) Railway Fare: -
Payment of single second class railway fare from the place the patient is sent to the Sanatorium and back by the shortest route.


 (iv) Road Mileage:
Payment of road mileage at the rate admissible to Group D
employees of the Central Government in respect of both outward and return journeys by the shortest route.


 (v) Diet Charges:
 A payment of Rs. 7/-(Rupees Seven) per day per patient for outward and inward journey, if performed on two different days.


(vi) Payment to Attendant:
 Where the medical officer concerned certifies in writing that it is necessary that an attendant should accompany the patient, single second class fare and/or road mileage and also diet charges as for the patient shall also be paid for the attendant accompanying the patient.  

A worker who has put in at least minimum period of 6 months continuous service in a Mine/Beedi Establishment and earning wages not exceeding Rs. 3500/-p.m. shall be entitled to the above facilities of free treatment for T.B. and the monetary benefits. Wife and unmarried children upto the age of 21 and parents fully depending on the entitled workers shall also be afforded the free treatment facilities and the monetary benefits.
An application (in duplicate) in the prescribed form for admission in the reserved beds will be made through the Manager/Owner to the Medical Officer of the Fund. The Medical Officer will examine the patient and decide about the necessity or otherwise for admission of the patient to a T.B. Hospital /Sanatorium. A copy of the application along with his remarks will be forwarded by registered post by the Medical Officer to the Welfare Commissioner, immediately.
A register in the prescribed form will be maintained in each hospital where beds are reserved under this scheme, giving details of the Mine/Beedi Workers scheme admission in the reserved beds. Where admission not been granted reasons therefore will also be given.
In the event of discharge without full recovery of the patient or transfer to other hospital for any reasons what so ever the medical Officer of the T.B. Hospital / Sanatorium will arrange to give information to the Welfare Commissioner within 48 hours of such transfers or discharges.
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