Scheme for providing subsidy to mine managements for purchase of dish antenna for the benefit of mine workers:



Most of the mines are situated in interior places and as such the recreational facilities for the workers in that area are very meager. Even the facilities of TV are not available, as the existing TV relay stations do not cover such interior places. With a view to provide facilities to the mine workers for viewing TV in such areas, the scheme of providing TV Dish antenna is introduced.



Mine management who provide housing facilities to their workers with or without the help of the welfare fund organization and where such houses form a colony of at least 100 houses are eligible for the benefits under the scheme.

Two or more mine managements may jointly avail the scheme for the benefit of their mineworkers, if they are living in adjacent colonies.


Subsidy payable by the welfare organisation

The payment of the subsidy shall be limited to 50% of the actual cost of the dish antenna including all accessories or Rs. 30,000/- which ever is less.


1.The dish antenna will be purchased by the mine managements from the government manufacture through a reputed dealer

2 The incidental expenses incurred in connection with installation of dish antenna (i.e. Transportation charges, installation charges, connection cable charges etc. will have to be born by the concerned management.
3.Suitable facilities to install the dish antenna shall be provided by the management shall be provided by the management at their own cost
4.The management shall enter into an agreement with the welfare organization for maintaining the dish antenna good working conditions at all times.
5.Not more than 25% of the connections out of the total capacity of the dish antenna can be allotted to not-entitled persons employed in mine factories by the management. However, this condition can be relaxed by the welfare commissioner.
6.No person the than those working in mine or factory are entitled for allotment of connection


Procedure for sanction.
The management shall submit the proposal in the prescribed form to the welfare commissioner, who shall place it before the state advisory committee subject to provision in the sanctioned budget. After the approval of the state advisory committee, the welfare commissioner shall sanction the amount. On receipt of sanction from the welfare commissioner, the management shall purchase dish antenna subject to conditions laid down therein


Submission of claims for reimbursement  
After the installation of dish antenna, the concerned management shall submit then claims with the following documents to the welfare commissioner, for reimbursement


1.Original bills cash receipts from the parties for the amount received, duty endorsing the necessary certificate on the vouchers


2.Stamped pre-receipted bill in duplicate for the amount payable by the welfare organization duty signed and sealed by the concerned managements.


Financial implications
Not more than 10 dish antennas per fund per region shall be sanctioned during to financial year.

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