Scheme for payment of monetary compensation for sterilization to beedi, iron ore manganese ore and chrome ore, limestone and dolomite mines and cine workers.


The fact that the fruits of our national development efforts are being eaten away by constant rise in our population hardly needs any emphasis. In order to promote the small family norm, the Government of India as well as the State Governments have undertaken many a scheme. The monetary incentives for those who undergo sterilization is one of such schemes in furtherance of the overall/national objective of small family nor and to achieve desired rate of population growth as well as Health for all by the turn of the country. The Labour Welfare Organisation in the Ministry of Labour considers it necessary to go a step further in popularization of the two child family norm amongst the Beedi, Iron Ore Manganese Ore and Chrome Ore, Limestone and Dolomite Mine and Cine Workers, who constitute a sizeable number of the target groups of the Indian Society.


The Labour Welfare Organisation proposes to give monetary incentives at the rate of Rs. 200/- per head, over and above the incentives given by the other agencies, to each worker or his/her spouse, who undergo vasectomy/tubectomy and produce certificate to that effect from the Medical Officer working in a recognized hospital operating upon his/her. The incentive is payable only once into life of the beneficiary.


Procedure for payment of incentives:
The Beedi , Iron Ore, Manganese Ore and Chrome Ore, Limestone and Dolomite Mine and Cine Worker and his/her spouse having two or less living children who has undergone vasectomy/tubectomy may produce the certificate to the effect in Performa at Annexure A before the concerned Welfare Commissioner or any other Officer working under him/her in the field among with application on the prescribed Proforma at Annexure B requesting that he/she be paid the amount of Rs.200/- being the monetary incentive for undergoing sterilization. The applicant shall also specify that he/she does not have more than two living children and get that statement countersigned as correct from the village Pradhan or Sarpanch of the concerned Panchayat or a Gazetted officer. Such a request shall be valid only upto one year from the date of undergoing vasectomy/tubectomy operation. On receipt of the application, the concerned officer shall, on being satisfied about the facts, disburse an amount of Rs. 200/- to the applicant forthwith from the imprest money, if any, available with him/her. No revenue stamp will be necessary for such payment. Each Field Officer of the rank of Welfare Administrator/Medical Officer Grade II and above shall maintain an imprest of Rs.400/- for expeditious disposal of cases under this scheme. The receipts obtained from the beneficiaries will be forwarded to the concerned Accounts Officer for accounting purpose.

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