Scheme for payment of grant-in-aid for purchase of ambulance van To limestone & dolomite mines managements .


Necessity for providing special facilities for carrying seriously ill / injured limestone and dolomite mine workers from the dispensaries / hospitals of the management / residences to bigger hospitals is well established more so because most of the mines ore highly mechanized with chances for serious accidents. The mines and mines dispensaries are located at remote places some time 40 to 50 kms. Away from a well equipped government hospital.



Every owner of a limestone or a dolomite mine who employs 75 or more workers in a manually / or mechanized operated mine and who maintains a standard hospital / dispensary / combined dispensary providing treatment facilities for the benefit of labour employed in their mines subject to inspection under rule-30 will be eligible for such grant-in-aid in respect of non-recurring expenditure for purchases of new ambulance van as the central government may decided subject to the conditions that it will not exceed 75% of the actual cost of the ambulance van or Rs. 3,00,000 /-the cost of standard (matador) cheapest make of van whichever is less. A mine owner may also apply for grant-in-aid for replacement of an ambulance van if it is certified by state transport department that the old van is not fit for use, while sanctioning a replacement van, the sale price of the old vehicle to be sold will also be taken into consideration, for a combined dispensary for two or more mines / and mines situated within a radius of 10 kms. Grant-in-aid will be sanctioned only for one ambulance van.



The payment of grant-in-aid is subject to further following conditions:

1 That the work for which the grant is made is duly and promptly executed and the money is actually utilized for the purpose for which it is granted.

2 That the data on which the grant is calculated are in accordance with facts.

3 That any particulars which the central government may from time to time require for proper discharge of its responsibilities are promptly supplied.

4 In the event or violation of any condition imposed, the applicant owner shall be liable to pay the entire amount with interest at the rate of 14 % per annum thereon to the central government immediately.

5 Any agreement shall be executed by the mine owner. A specimen of the agreement form is given in appendix-II. An application for grant-in-aid for purchases of ambulance van is given at appendix. I.

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