Scheme for organizing sports games, social and culture activities for beedi workers (including gharkhata beedi workers)

The sports, games, social and culture activities are the forms of recreation which beedi workers with his family members can use to inculcate in them a bit of out-door life to invigorate their minds and refresh on their for turned bodies. It will also give them a sense of mantel and physical satisfactions essential for the development of good human relations. It will afford them an opportunity to escape from the monotony of day-to-day humdrum existence of crouching in the unhygienic sheds and shanties and to roll out beedi on almost during twelve hours a day.


It could be arranged by the welfare commissioner through his staff or by giving subsidy to the management or to social and cultural organization of repute. If could also be arranged through workers voluntary organization like workers recreation club which could be formed with who advice of the welfare commissioner with a view to giving workers a sense of participation in the whole scheme.


Nature of sports, gems, social cultural activities  
Only such outdoor / indoor sports, games, social and cultural events will be arranged s are popular with the beedi workers (including Gharkhatabeedi workers) and their family members in a particular area.
Social activities should include social function like celebration of national and regional festivals, important national events like the Independence Day, the Republic day, the Gandhi Jayanti and the childrens day and the like.


Location of events:
The functions will be arranged in areas where the concentration of beedi workers is 10,000 or more.


Item on which expenditure can be incurred would be
(i)Sports activities like articles of sports outdoor and indoor games and equipment

(ii)Cultural activities like music, dance, drama, mushiaras, jagran, festivals etc.

(iii)Light refreshments

activities like national, regional festivals and national days.


The total expenditure for the whole year for area having a population of beedi workers of 10,000 or more should not exceed Rs. 10,000 /- subject to the limitations of budget provision as approved by the government of India and will be met from the welfare fund.