Scheme for grant-in-aid from the limestone and dolomite mines welfare fund for provision of sports grounds

1.The scheme provides for payment of financial assistance from the fund to limestone and dolomite mine owners for provision of sports grounds for the relaxation and recreation of limestone and dolomite mine workers and their dependents. The financial assistance will be a grant-in-aid, payable on a matching basis, subject to a maximum of Rs.3,000 /- in each case. The grant-in-aid will be admissible only for provision of sports ground where the concentration of workers is not less than 250. The mine management to whom the grant-in-aid will be paid will maintain the sports ground in good condition.


2.Application for the grant-in-aid should be made in the prescribed form, copy enclosed. Detailed estimates with site plan indicating the place where the sports ground is proposed to be located, should be furnished along with the application (each in triplicate). The welfare and cess commissioner will arrange for technical scrutiny of the estimated and also satisfy himself about the suitability of the site, before sanctioning the grant-in-aid in consultation with the finance sub-committee and the advisory committee.
On receipt of sanction for grant-in-aid, the mine management will execute an agreement (bond) on a non-judicial stamp paper of proper value. A specimen copy of the agreement is enclosed:-

3. That the ground shall be used by the aforesaid mining accompany for games and sports in the mining areas.


4.That the ground shall be made available by the said mining company to the welfare and cess commissioner, limestone and dolomite mines labour welfare fund or his representatives, as and when required, for conducting games and sports or any other purpose.

5.That the ground shall also be made available to other limestone and dolomite mines on request, if the ground be not required by the said mining company.

6.That payment of the grant shall be made in two installments the first installment of 75% of the grant on completion of the work and the second installment of remaining 25% of the grant after scrutiny of proper accounts which shall be authorized by the second party to the first party supported with necessary vouchers.

7.That the purpose for which the grant is made shall be duly and promptly executed within a period of three months from the date of sanction.


8.That the money shall be utilized for the purpose for which it has been granted. The grant-in-aid sanctioned for the purpose for which they are originally granted should no t be diverted to other institution for utilization the same or similar object and execution of the same entrusted to another institution or organization. In case the grantee, it self is not in a position to execute or to complete the assignment, the grantee will forthwith refund to this organization the entire amount of grant-in-aid received by it.

9.That any particulars which the limestone and dolomite mines welfare and cess commissioner may from time to time require for the proper discharge of its responsibilities with regard to the grant shall be duly and promptly supplied.


10.That all necessary facilities shall be afforded for inspection by the welfare and cess commissioner on any person authorized by him for the purpose of clauses 4 and 5 or for checking the correctness of any particulars that may have supplied under clause (6) or for collection of any such particulars.


11.That proper account of the money granted shall be kept and submitted to audit by such persons as the welfare and cess commissioner may authorizes in this behalf.

12.That an audited statement of account together with a certificate of a registered accountant or other recognized body of auditors to the effect that the accounts are correct is furnished by the grantee.


13.That the amount of grant meant for purchases of articles materials shall be utilized for payment to the lowest tender out of at least three quotations obtained from the marker.


14.That the mine management shall undertake to maintain the sport ground set up with the grant-in-aid from the fund for a period of at least 10 years shall not utilize the piece of land for any other purposes without the previous approval of the welfare and cess commissioner during that period.


15.That the articles purchased wholly or substantially out of the grant-in-aid from the limestone and dolomite mines labour welfare fund shall not be disposed of encumbered or utilized for purposes other then those for which they are meant.


16.That a register in the enclosed perform of the permanent and semi-permanent assets acquired wholly or mainly out of this grant shall be maintained and produced for inspection on demand by the welfare and cess commissioner or any person authorized by him.


17.Any portion of the amount of the grant-in-aid paid from the organization which is not ultimately required for expenditure upon the object for the grant-in-aid shall be duly surrendered to this organization.
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