Scheme for financial assistance of rs.5000/- to a widow/widower of beedi/cine/mine worker as well as to widow/widower worker (mine/beedi/cine) for meeting the wedding expenses of their daughters.


The scheme envisages financial assistance of Rs.5000/- to the widow /widower of eligible beedi/mine/cine workers and also widow /widower workers (beedi/mine/cine) to meet the expenditure in connection with marriage of first two daughters of beedi/cine/mine workers.


Widow widower of a Beedi/Mine/Cine worker who has completed six months service in the Beedi/Mine/Cine establishment and in the case of a GharkhataBeedi Workers who is this trade for the last six months at the time of his/her death and who is covered under section 2(b) of the Beedi Workers Welfare Fund Act 1976 clause (4) for section 2 of the Mines Act. 1952. Section 2 (c) of the Cine workers and Cinema Theatre Worker Regulation of Employment Act 1981 shall be eligible for this benefit. This scheme is also applicable for financial assistance to widow/widower beedi/mine/cine worker for marriage of their first two daughters subject to their completion of six months service, prior to the date marriage.


Mode of payment:
The payment will be made in the form of demand draft in favor of applicant by the concerned Welfare Commissioner on receipt of application from the widow/widower of the deceased beedi/cine/mine worker or widow/widower worker (beedi/cine/mine) as the case may be and in her/his absence by the legal heir.


An application as prescribed (Annexure) will be made to the Welfare Commissioner of the region who will examine the matter and sanction payment after satisfying himself about the genuineness of the claim.
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