Scheme for domiciliary treatment of mine/beedi/cine workers suffering from t.b.


1. For providing treatment to Mine/Beedi/Cine workers suffering from T.B. scheme for reservation of beds in T.B. Hospitals is being implemented. For workers suffering from T.B. domiciliary treatment for recoupment is very essential as hospitalization for a longer period is not considered necessary.
2. Keeping in view the above position, the mine/cine workers and bonafidebeedi workers (including gharkhata) who have been advised domiciliary treatment shall be eligible for facilities under the scheme for a period not exceeding nine months or till the date of issue of fitness certificate whichever is earlier.  

3. Only these workers suffering from T.B. and undergoing domiciliary treatment through approved dispensaries run by employers, State Governments or Fund shall be entitled to the following benefits under the scheme.

(i) Medical treatment:
Treatment charges not exceeding Rs. 50/-p.m. to each mine/beedi/cine worker to cover the cost of the medicines etc. Only the amount actually incurred should be reimbursed by the Fund provided it is considered reasonable.


(ii) Subsistence allowance :
where the worker (a) happens to be the only earning member of the family and, (b) has no other source of income during the period of treatment, subsistence allowance @ Rs. 200/-p.m. where the worker has no dependent or has one dependent and Rs. 250/-per month where the number of dependents is more than one shall be paid to the worker undergoing domiciliary treatment for T.B.

4. In exceptional and deserving cases, Welfare Commissioner may sanction payment of subsistence allowance for a period beyond 9 months and not exceeding 12 months.

5. A worker who has put in at least minimum period of 6 months continuous service with 50% attendance and in the case of beedi worker on production of identity card issued by the owner of an establishment factory or contractor engaged in the manufacture of beedi, to this effect and drawing basic pay not exceeding Rs. 10,000/-p.m. shall be entitled to the above facilities under the scheme.
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