Scheme for financial assistance for the purchase of motor vehicles for the transportation of school going children of iron ore, manganese ore and chrome ore, and limestone and dolomite mines workers.


 1.The scheme seek to give assistance to the mine management for provision of transport facilities to the children of iron ore, manganese ore and chrome ore and limestone and dolomite mines workers for going to schools from their residence and back keeping in view the comparatively and developed public transport system as well as the general backwardness in the area.

 2.The number of children to be benefited should not be less than 50 in case of Norman Bus and 30 in case of a Mini Bus. The children of the executives of mines will not be eligible for this facility. This amendment issued vide this Ministrys letter No.M-13011/1/2000-W-IV dated 21-11-2000. 

The management will submit the proposal to the welfare commissioner who will examine the same and will place before the state advisory committee. If recommended by the state advisory committee the welfare commissioner will send the same to the ministry with his recommendations. The ministry will examine and sanction the proposal if considered it in consultation with internal finance.
On having clearance from the ministry the management will purchase a new bus and the entire cost will be borne by the management in the first instance.

5.On being applied by the management, the welfare commissioner will release financial assistance to the management. The financial assistance shall be limited to 75% of the actual cost or 7,00,000 /-(Rupees Seven Lakhs ) for a Normal Bus (whichever is less) and 75%of the actual cost or 5,00,000 /- (Rupees Five Lakhs ) for a Mini Bus (whichever is less). The welfare commissioner will satisfy himself that the purchase of the bus and the expenditure incurred thereon is in order. No subsidy will be payable for second hand school bus purchased or otherwise obtained for use as a school bus.

6.    Before releasing the financial assistance, the management will enter into an agreement with the welfare organization incorporating the terms and conditions under which the buses would be placed at the disposal of the mine management. The bus will not be utilized for purpose other than school bus for children of the minors.

7.    It will be the responsibility of the Management to run and maintain the vehicle at its own cost and no assistance other than that mentioned in clause 5 above will be paid out of the Welfare Fund.

8.    Not more than 20 vehicles (inclusive of large or mini buses) will be sanctioned by the Ministry during one Financial Year for school bus for all regions together relax able in exceptional circumstances by the Secretary (Labour) in consultation with the Financial Adviser.