Release of grant-in-aid to limestone & dolomite mines for Maintenance of a dispensary/ hospital/ maternity centre - regarding.


As per Rule 37 of the Limestone & Dolomite Mines Labour Welfare Fund Rules 1973, every owner of Limestone & Dolomite Mine who maintains a dispensary or hospital or maternity center for the benefit of the prescribed standards as laid down in Rule 37 and 37(2) as the case may be is entitled to receive grant-in-aid from the Limestone & Dolomite Mines Welfare Fund for carrying out improvement of the facilities existing immediately before 31st April,1973 in case of the dispensary and maternity center and in case of hospitals be eligible in respect of non-recurring expenditure on such improvement as the Central Govt. may decide subject to the condition that it shall not exceed 50% of the actual expenditure.

In view of the above, in case the limestone & dolomite mine managements proposes to avail the facilities for the above grant-in-aid for the calendar year, 1984 from the Limestone & Dolomite Mines Welfare Fund Organization for improving the existing facilities, grant-in-aid in respect of non-recurring expenditure on such improvements, may apply to this Organization for grant-in-aid accordingly.


Whenever the mine management proposes to avail the grant-in-aid under the above rule is requested to submit an application to relevant particulars in duplicate. Without waiting for a formal request from this office. Before the release of the grant the dispensaries/Hospitals/ Maternity Centers are required to be inspected by the Welfare Commissioner or any of the authorized office to ensure that the dispensary/ Hospital/maternity center conform to the prescribed standard as laid down under the rules so that the eligibility for grant-in-aid can be considered accordingly. Schedule I of standard of dispensary services as given in Rule 31 is enclosed as Annexure (i) (excluding list of drugs) is given for ready reference of the Mine Managements. For details of standards of hospitals, list of drugs etc. he is requested to refer to the rules.

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