Prototype scheme for establishing audio visual sets/cinema vans/ exhibition of films.


Introduction :
The scheme envisages maintenance of Audio Visual sot and exhibition of films for the recreation of workers and their dependants. Normally, the scheme would be run by the Fund Organization by employing suitable staff but where it is economical or in Public interest to run the scheme through the management. The Fund Organization may give financial assistance to such a management for running of the scheme.


Area of operation and preparation of programme :-  

The area of operation on each set would be clearly demarcated for each Projector. Similarly, the Programme of exhibition of films will be prepared every month in advance and got approved from the Fund Organization. Diversion will be permitted only in very special cases.


Procedure where the scheme is to be run by the Fund Organisation :-  
The scheme would involve the following non-recurring and recurring expenditure :-


Non-recurring :-  

a) One Vehicle with Generator.

b) One 16 mm Projector.

c) One Slide projector (where necessary).



a) Incidental expenses line hiring charges transport, insurance etc.

b) P.O.L. for the vehicle; and

c) Maintenance of vehicle.


Staff :-

1) One operator-cum-Driver at prescribed rate of a Driver.

2) One Helper at prescribed scale of Class-IV.

Procedure where the scheme is to be entrusted to the management :- 
a)A Projector (16 mm) will be purchased by the Fund Organization and entrusted to the management.

b)The management will be reimbursed the expenditure on :-

                        1) Hiring and exhibition of films.

                        2) Transport, Insurance loading-unloading and other miscellaneous expenditure connected with the exhibition of films.
3) Expenses for appointing Part-time Operator and Helper at Rs.10/- per show and Rs. 4/- per show respectively.
            4)Maintenance, repair and replacement of parts of the Projector.


c)The management shall provide suitable transport for the Projector and persons and bear PCL and maintenance charges thereof (of transport).  
d)The management shall enter into an agreement with the Fund Organization for maintaining the Projector in good working condition at all times and its return to the fund Organization when demanded. The Projector shall be available for inspection to the authorized employee of the Fund Organization.

e)The fund will be released per quarter only after the management has exhibited the films.

f) Notwithstanding anything contained in sub para (b) above, the management who have already purchased or any purchase the projector in future at their own cost, would be entitled to 50% of the cost of actual film hire or Rs. 100/- which over is loss for two shows in a month i.e. Rs. 50/- per show.
g)The total amount reimbursable under this scheme to any one management in a financial year will not exceed Rs.20,000/-