Maternity benefit scheme for female beedi, imc, lsdm and cine workers.



This scheme has been evolved with a view to assisting female beedi, IMC, LSDM and Cine Workers in maternity. The details of the scheme are given in the following paragraphs.


A female beedi, IMC, LSDM and Cine Worker will be entitled to the maternity benefit under the scheme twice in her life time provided she has been a beedi, IMC, LSDM and Cine Worker for at least six months before the delivery for which the benefit is claimed.  


The maternity benefit will be available to the beneficiary in the form of lump sum grant of Rs. 1000/- per delivery for the first two deliveries.  

Reimbursement  Procedure :
Eligible female beedi, IMC, LSDM and Cine Worker shall submit ordinarily within six months from the date of birth of the child in the prescribed Performa at Annexure-I, an application to the Welfare Commissioner concerned enclosing therewith the following documents:

i. A birth certificate of the child born, which the authority as will issue prescribed by the State Government.

ii. A certificate (as per Annexure II) to the effect that she is beedi, IMC, LSDM and Cine Worker. This will be issued by the employer failing which by a Gazetted Officer of the Labour Welfare Organization. The Doctor In charge of the dispensary will issue the certificate, preferably, after checking records maintained for the purpose.

The welfare Commissioner after verification of the above documents shall sanction and pay to the beneficiary an amount of Rs.1,000/- by money order under intimation to the concernedMedicalOfficer.



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