Notifications Issued under section 10 of the contract labour (regulation and abolition) act, 1970

Sl. No Notification No. & Date

Establishment/ Industry in respect of whom notification is issued

Works/ Jobs prohibited


S.O.No. 498 dated 1.2.1975

Mining Industry (COAL).

(i)        Raising or raising Cum-Selling of coal;

(ii)      Coal loading and unloading;

(iii)    Overburden removal earth cutting;

(iv)    Soft coke manufacturing.

(v)      Driving of stone drifts and miscellaneous stone cutting underground.


S.O.No. 779(E) dated 9.12.1976

All establishments under Central sphere.

For sweeping, cleaning, dusting and watching of building owned or occupied by the establishments in respect of which the Central Government is the appropriate Government under the Contract Labour (Regulation and Abolition) Act, 1970.This notification however does not apply to outside cleaning and other maintenance of multi-storeyed building where such cleaning or maintenance cannot be carried out except with specialised experience. (EFFECT FROM 1.3.1977)


S.O. No. 2063dated 21.6.1988 in super-session of notification S.O.No. 498 dated 1.2.75

Mining Industry (COAL).

(i)        Raising or raising Cum-Selling of coal;

(ii)      Coal loading and unloading;

(iii)    Overburden removal earth cutting;

(iv)    Soft coke manufacturing.

(vi)    Driving of stone drifts and miscellaneous stone cutting underground.


Provided that this notification shall not apply to the following categories;

(a)   Quarries in the North-east coal field which can only be worked for a few month every year due to heavy rainfall in the area;

(b)   Quarries located by the side of the river in pench valley and similar other patch deposits which can only be worked when the level of river has gone down and during non-rainy season;

(c)   Loading of coal when there is mechanical failure, failure of power or irregular supply of wagon by the railways; and

(d)  Cutting of stone drifts/faults which cannot be detected in advance and are of short duration, say upto six months.



S.O.No. 4077 dated 15.12.1979

Limestone and Dolomite Mines and Manganese Mines.

(i)                 Over burden removal.

(ii)               Drilling and Blasting.


S.O.No. 4070 dated 15.12.1979

Iron Ore Mines in the Country.

(i)                 Over burden removal.

(ii)               Drilling and Blasting.

(iii)             Float Ore Operations.

(WITH EFFECT.FROM 10th May, 1980)


S.O.3103 dated 28.5.1982

Iron Ore Mines in the Country.

(i)                 Muck cleaning operations in crushing plant, screening plants and /or conveyor belts and

(ii)             Wagon levelling operations.


S.O.3103 dated 25.7.93

Coal Washeries in the Country.

(i)        Loading of raw coal;

(ii)      Charging of magnetite; and

(iii)    Plant cleaning including removal of magnetite, waste, muck clearing, magnetite removal


S.O. No. 4589 dated 20.11.84

Chromite Mines






Magnesite Mines




Gypsum Mines



Mica Mines.

(i)                 Over burden removal.;

(ii)               Drilling and Blasting;

(iii)             Raising of Ore; and

(iv)             Transportation of over-burden to dumps and ore to stocking site.


(i)                 Over-burden removal;

(ii)               Drilling and Blasting; and

(iii)             Raising of minerals.


(i)                 Over-burden removal; and

(ii)               Mining/raising of mineral;


(i)                 Raising of Mica;

(ii)               Drilling and Blasting;

(iii)             Dewatering of mines;

(iv)             Muck removal; and

(v)               Processing of mica.


S.O. No. 553 dated 04.02.87

Fire Clay Mines.

(i)                 Over-burden removal;

(ii)               Raising and stocking of Fire-Clay;

(iii)             Loading and transportation; and

(iv)             Dewatering of mines.


S.O.No.747 (E) dated 28.7.87


Work of clearing in catering establishments and pantry cars in Railways.


U-23013/33/86-LW dated 27.12.1990


Work of painting of signals and post in Indian Railways except those which are part of construction activity consisting of new installation remodelling, repairs and over-hauling of signalling equipments and for emergent works not covered by routine maintenance.


29.6.1989 to 31.3.1991(through series of notifications issued )

Food Corporation of India

172 godowns and Depots situated in different States in the country in which the process/ operation, loading and unloading from any means of transport, storing, stacking is carried on.


No.U-23013/31/87-LW dated 11.12.90

Coal Washeries in the countries.

(i)                 Transport of Middling and

(ii)               Removal of Slurry.


No.U-23013/9/86-LW dated 8.5.91

Major Port

(i)                 Routine repairs & Maintenance of electrical and mechanical equipments.

(ii)               Sweeping and removal of garbage & ash from docks;

(iii)             Diving work, painting & Chipping of Vessels/crafts owned by the Port authorities.

(iv)             Plumbing, gardening conservancy and sanitation.


S.O.No. 707 dated 17.3.1993

Limestone Dolomite Mines in the country.

(i)                 Raising of minerals including breaking, sizing, sorting of limestone / dolomite and

(ii)               Transportation of limestone and dolomite which includes loading into and unloading from trucks, dumper, conveyor and transportation from mines site to factory.


S.O. 196(E) dated 23.3.1993

Manganese Mines.

(i)                 Raising of minerals, its breaking, sizing and sorting;

(ii)               Screening and jigging at mine site; and

(iii)             Loading and unloading and transportation at mine site.


U-23013/4/92-LW dated 8-9-94

Oil & Natural Gas Commission

(i)                 Firefighting (Fire Supervisor, Fireman, Fire Technician),

(ii)               Typists

(iii)             Clerks

(iv)             Steno Typists/Stenographers

(v)               Data operators

(vi)             Computer operators

(vii)           Store keepers

(viii)         Boiler operators

(ix)             Telephone operators

(x)               Attendants/helpers/Peons

(xi)             Instrumentation Technician & Helpers

(xii)           Radio operators

(xiii)         Drivers (Where driving work is not done by hiring vehicles on contract but by vehicles owned by ONGC).


U-23013/6/93-LW dated 30-1-96

Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Ltd. Bombay viz. (i) HPCL Refinery at Mahul and (ii) Liquid Petroleum Gas Plant at Mahul.

(1.)   House keeping jobs (cleaning, sweeping and dusting) in the following establishments of Hindustan Petroleum Corporation.

(a)      Admn. Building (Fuel Refinery)

(b)     Admn. Building (Annexe)

(c)      Admn. Building (Lube Refinery)

(d)     Medical Dispensary

(e)      L.P.G. Plant

(f)      Warehouse

(g)     Mechanical Workshops

(h)     Yard Office.

(2.) Work done by Clerks, Xerox operators, Peons and Sepoy

(3) Jobs performed by Drivers(Where the vehicles are owned by the Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Ltd. in the establishments mentioned in item (1)).

(4) Works done by the Weldars, Riggers, Valve operators, Fitters, Turners, Helpers and Carpenters required for carrying out regular preventive maintenance jobs in Refinery Workshops excluding unforeseen exigencies of work.

(5)Jobs (including the jobs of cylinder valve capping/sealing and test bath in Carousel operations) except loading of empty cylinders on conveyor belt at LPG Bottling Plant , Mahul.


U-23013/2/95-LW dated 23-2-96

Central bank of India

Prohibition of employment of contract labour in the canteens of Central Bank of India at Chandermukhi Building, Nariman Point, Mumbai with effect from 22nd may 1996.


U-23013/5/92-LW dated 29-3-96

Mahanagar Telephone Nigam Ltd. , Mumbai.

Prohibition of employment of contract labour in the canteens of the telephone exchanges and administrative office of Mahanagar Telephone Nigam Ltd., Mumbai. The details of such canteens is as below: -

1.   Fountain Telecom , Building No. 2, Fountain M.G. Road, Bombay

2.   Byculla Telephone Exchange, Gel Street, Byculla, Bombay-8

3.   Worli Telephione exchange, PB Budhkar Marg, Worli, Bombay.

4.   Bandra Telephone Exchange, Bandra, Bombay

5.   Khar Telephone Exchange, Khar(W), Bombay-52

6.   Jeevan Seva Building, Santacruz Exchange, Bombay-52

7.   Gougaun Telephone Exchange, Gaugaun, Bombay-62.

8.   Kandivli Telephone Exchange, Kandivli(W) Bombay

9.   Merol Telephone Exchange, Merol, Bombay

10.         Mankhurd Telephone Exchange, Bombay

11.         Charai Telephone Exchange, Thane(W)

12.         Telephone House, Prabhadevi Administrative Building, Bombay-28

13.         Fountain Telecom, Building no. 1, MG Road, Bombay-1

14.         Mahanagar Telephone Nigam Ltd., Mistry Building, Dada Saheb Phalke Road, Bombay-14

15.         Naigaun Telephone Rxchange, Naigaun, Bombay-14

16.         Sion Telephone exchange, Champakalal Estate, Sion, Bombay-22

17.         Kailash Commercial Complex, Vikroli(West), Bombay.


(Sl. No. 1-11 above were covered by Notification dt. 29th march 1996 and by Notification dated 4th February 1997, Sl. No. 12-17 above were included)



Dated 4th July, 1997

M/s. Pawan Hans Ltd., Mumbai

1.      Canteen Services

2.      House keeping

3.      Electrical Maintenance

4.      Plumbing

5.      Gardening and Horticulture

6.      Pump Operation


U-23013/5/93-LW Dated 21 st October, 1997

Liquefied Petroleum Gas Plants, Depots and Terminals of Indian Oil Corporation Ltd., at Jammu, Hissar, Pathankot, Delhi, Kotkapura, Ambala, Patiala, Jalandhar, and Sawai Madhopur in the works mentioned in next column.

1.      Loading and Unloading of Liquefied Petroleum Gas Cylinder from chain conveyor in the L P G Plants;

2.      Removal of LPG cylinders from one place to another in the LPG Plant complex;

3.      Putting the seal cap on the LPG cylinders in the LPG Plant;

4.      Preparation of soap solution and testing of cylinders through soap solution method;

5.      Sorting out of defective and five years old cylinders in the LPG Plant complex;

6.      Jobs of Peon in the offices of the Plants, Depots, and Terminals;

7.      Supplying of mobile containers from the store and putting back filled mobile tins in the Depots;

8.      Loading and unloading of lube oil trucks and stacking of drums in Depots except where the dealers themselves carry the lube oils from Depots to their destination.


U-23013/15/97LW Dated 4.5.1998[ S..O.No.378(E))

M/s. National Thermal Power Corporation Ltd., New Delhi

Operator and instrumentation technician


U-23013/12/88-LW dated 13.7.1998 [S.O.No. 586(E)]

M/s. Indian Oil Blending Ltd., Calcutta

Loading, unloading and carrying empty and filled drums and raw materials


U-23013/30/97-LW dated 5.10.1998 [S.O.No. 877(E)]

M/s. Aeronautical Development Agency, National Aeronautical Laboratory Campus, Belur , Bangalore

(1)              Helpers.

(2)              Messengers.

(3)              Attendants ; and

(4)              Despatch Clerks


U-23013/10/90-LW dated 9.11.1998

Various departments of Mathura Refinery and Marketing Division of the Indian Oil Corporation Ltd. at Mathura.


1.      Electrical jobs at different locations in the Refinery.

2.      Operations and maintenance of centralised air- conditioning plants and package units.

3.      Power supply for shutdown.

4.      Meter windings.

5.      Operation of centrifugal pumps and DG sets in Refineries.

6.      Chemical handling and solution preparation.

7.      Handling of jobs in different departments of the Refinery, as attendants, helpers, operators in maintenance, instrumentation, mechanical maintenance, fabrication and plant operation, including peons and clerks etc.

8.      Repair and maintenance of thermal insulation works.

9.      Operation and maintenance of electric jobs in the Refinery.

10.  Providing office services.

11.  Routine storekeeping and store handling other than occasional bulk handling of stores.

12.  Canteen services




1.      Housekeeping work especially relating to sweepers.

2.      Liquefied Petroleum Gas haulage work (loading and unloading of Liquefied Petroleum Gas cylinders).

3.      Liquefied Petroleum Gas ( Shifting, sealing, tagging of caps, O ring fitting etc.)


U.23013/08/97-LW dated 10.3.99 [S.O.No.162(E)]

Indian Railways, Wheel and Axle Plant, Yelahanka, Bangalore

1.         Oxy-cutting of steel scrap.

2.          Handling of materials.

3.          Painting, packing and loading of wheel sets.

4.          Oxy-cutting of skul.

5.          Maintenance of factory premises.

6.          Relining of electric arc furnaces and ladles


M-15030/7/92-LW dated 10.3.99 [S.O.No. 161(E)

Main godown of the Food Corporation of India, Gnanapuram, Visakhapatnam

loading and unloading


No.U-23013/12/96-LW dated 29/6/99[S.O.No. 516(E)]

Liquified Petroleum Gas and Trombay Dispatch Unit Plant of Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited, Mumbai

The Loading/unloading of gas cylinder on conveyor belts and stacking/de-stacking of gas cylinders.


No.U-23013/14/98-LW dated 1.10.99[S.O.No.1000(E)]

Jawaharlal Nehru Port Trust, Mumbai.

Tugs, pilot launches and mooring launches.


No.U-23013/14/99-LW dated 14/10/99 [S.O. No. 1034(E) ]

Indian Iron and Steel Company Limited, Burnpur, West Bengal.

Cleaning of the dust lime and cleaning of spillage from defective wagons, cleaning of drains, gas cleaning plant and lime settling tank, all other cleaning jobs, supply of pig moulds, gas cuttings, carrying of oxygen cylinders in Blast Furnace Department, Battery bye product, cleaning of units and stitching, cleaning of unit vessels and coal handling, cleaning jobs, loading and unloading of materials in Coke oven Department and refuelling, coal breaking coal stock taking including unloading of coke breeze, cleaning of spillage, pilling and cleaning of CHP, cleaning of ash pump section chamber in Power Engineering and Boiler Department, all jobs in the Department of Mechanical Engineering (Iron and Steel) done by contract labour alongwith permanent labour, maintenance of acid neutralisation plant, cleaning jobs at 40 Mill 34 Mill 18 Mill and cleaning at wagon Repair Shop, Smithy shop, Pump House and Drains in Coke Oven in Civil Engineering (Iron and Steel) Department, scrap salvage, supplying and levelling in the Loading and unloading Department.


S.O. 1114(E) (U-23013/3/92-LW (Vol.II) dated 16.1.99)

1.AIR INDIA (Establishments located at Mumbai, Chennai and Delhi)

























2.INDIAN AIRLINES (establishments located at Mumbai, Calcutta, Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Central Training establishments Hyderabad, Delhi, Jet Engineering overhaul Complex Delhi.)









3.AIRPORT AUTHORITY OF INDIA (Establishments located at Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai, Calcutta, Trivandrum, Patna, Bhuvaneshwar, Ranchi, Gaya, Ahmedabad, Baroda, Vadodara, Bangalore, Calicut, Cochin, Hyderabad, Mangalore)


(i)                Day to day maintenance and operation of air conditioning plants, Generator sets and electrical installations except where these are being undertaken by the manufacturer/original supplier as part of the supply arrangements.This will not apply to periodical maintenance such as annual overhaul of equipment or heavy breakdowns requiring replacements of major components etc. which the establishment may have entered into with equipment supplier or suppliers nominee.

(ii)              Maintenance and operation of effluent treatment plants;

(iii)            Telephone mechanics;

(iv)             Cargo handling i.e. loading and unloading of cargo;

(v)               Day to day maintenance and operation of all fire fighting equipment including fire extinguishers and appliances, leaving management free to resort to contractual arrangements only for annual periodical maintenance of these equipment.


(i)                 Day to day maintenance and operation of air conditioning plants, Generator sets and electrical installations except where these are being undertaken by the manufacturer/original supplier as part of the supply arrangements.This will not apply to periodical maintenance such as annual overhaul of equipment or heavy breakdowns requiring replacements of major components etc. which the establishment may have entered into with equipment supplier or suppliers nominee

(ii)               Maintenance and operation of effluent treatment plants;

(iii)             Telephone mechanics;


(i)                 Day to day maintenance and operation of air conditioning plants, Generator sets and electrical installations except where these are being undertaken by the manufacturer/original supplier as part of the supply arrangements.  This will not apply to periodical maintenance such as annual overhaul of equipment or heavy breakdowns requiring replacements of major components etc. which the establishment may have entered into with equipment supplier or suppliers nominee;

(ii)               Cargo handling i.e. loading and unloading of cargo;

(iii)             Day to day maintenance and operation of all fire fighting equipment including fire extinguishers and appliances, leaving management free to resort to contractual arrangements only for annual periodical maintenance of these equipment;

(iv)             Aero bridge workers;

(v)               Lift operators;

(vi)             Sharp shooters;

(vii)           Conveyor system;

(viii)         Electrical maintenance of high mast towers, car park flood lights and street lights;

(ix)             Maintenance (and not repair) of air curtains and sliding doors;

(x)               Telephone operators;

(xi)             Apron cleaning;

(xii)             Split flap display system operation.


S.O. 70(E) dated 25.1.2000


Oil India Limited (Pipeline Division), Guwahati

1.Office clerk/typist.


3. Mason.

4.Security Guard.





9.Office peon.

10.Office Attendant.

11. Medical Attendant.

12.Helpers to all Technician

13.Sweeper/Sanitary Cleaner


15Telephone Operator.

16. Draughtsman.


18.Overseer Helper.




S.O. 205(E) (U-23013/23/98-LW dated 8.3.2000)

Durgapur Thermal Power Station, Purulia and Majia Thermal Power Station of Damodar Valley Corporation

1.    Operation and maintenance jobs in water supply at 220 K.V. sub-station of Durgapur Thermal Power Station, Purulia, Post Office. Dhabani, Police Station Durgapur, District Burdwan (West Bengal )


2.            Cleaning and water supply in the plant of Majia Thermal Power Station of Damodar Valley Corporation.


S.O. 206(E) (U-23013/07/99-LW) dated 8.3.2000)

National Fertilizers Limited, Nangal.

1.      Mechanical Cleaning in Ammonia Plant-II.

2.Cleaning and sample collection in Central Laboratory.

3.Cleaning jobs in Instrumentation Department

4.Upkeep of Street lights, fittings in the Expansion Urea Plant.

5.Coal Feeding in Steam Generation Plant.

6.     Fuel Oil Unloading in Steam Generation Plant.


S.O. No. 606 (E) 28.06.2000


Eastern Railway

1. Regular track maintenance such as through packing, Casual renewals; and

2.Other maintenance works required for day to day maintenance.


No. U-23013/15/99-LW dated 8.9.2000.

No.S.O.813 (E)

Visveswaraya Iron and Steel Limited, Bhadravathi,

1. Unloading of materials received through trucks by road, their stacking at Central Stores or Other Departments;

2. Clearing of the store rooms in the Central Stores; and

3. Other miscellaneous work, such as, pouring of lime into bins.


No. S.16014/173/99 LW dated 18.9.2000

Majia Thermal Power Station of Damodar Valley Corporation, P.O. Durlavpur, District Bankura, West Bengal

Maintenance and clearing of conveyor belt used for supply of coal to the furnaces, in the establishment of Damodar Valley Corporation.


No.U-23013/22/99-LW dated 27.12.2000

Manoharpur Mines of Steel Authority of India Limited, Chiriya, Singhbhum (West) Bihai.

Raising and breaking of iron ore.


No.U-23013/9/99-LW dated 9.1.2001.

No. S.O. 24 (E)

Kovalam Ashok Beach Resort, Trivandrum, Kerela.

(a)          Gardening and horticulture work; and

(b)          Cleaning of the garden and surrounding roads.


No.U-23013/15/98-LW dated 9.1.2001.

No.S.O. 23 (E)

Rashtriya Chemicals and Fertilisers Limited in their plants at Chembur, Mumbai, Priyadarshini Complex, and Thal District Raigad, Maharshtra.

Day to day operations of electrical and mechanical maintenance of various plants and equipments, plumbing, gardening in establishment premises, and job of rigger and Assistant Supervisor:

Provided that the periodical and occasional electrical and mechanical maintenance, heavy breakdowns requiring replacement of major components, periodical and occasional plumbing, plantation of trees and cutting of grass in the premises and the job of vulcanisers shall not be prohibited.

U-23013/8/2000-LW dated 26.2.2001.

No. S.O. 162 (E)

Oil and Natural Gas Corporation Limited at their plant, Uran, Maharashtra.

Helper engaged for executing the work of repairing pipes and replacing pipelines.


No. M-15030/15/2000-LW dated 28.2.2001.

No. S.O. 178 (E)

Majia Thermal Power Station of Damodar Valley Corporation and its offices situated in residential colony area at Majia Thermal Power Station.

(1)             Operation and maintenance of pumps and motors including operation of valves on water supply lines, and

(2) Cleaning of underground sumps in pump houses.


No. S-16014/330/99-LW dated 1St March, 2001.

No.S.O. 189 (E)

Hindustan Petroleum Corporation, Liquefied Petroleum Gas Plant, White Field Road, Mahadevpura Post, Bangalore-560022.

Stacking of cylinders, removing of excess or under filled cylinders, transfer of defective cylinders and any other related work in cylinder handling in the process of bottling of liquefied petroleum gas


U-23013/11/2000-LW dated 4.7.2001

Hospitals of the Employees State Insurance Corporation at Kandivali, Merol, Thane and Ulahasnagar in the State of Maharashtra.

Electrical maintenance jobs of Wiremen, Khalasi, Air Condition Operator and Pump Operator.



U23013/5/2000-LW dated 4.7.2001








Airport Authority of India, Air Cargo Complex (Export and Import) at International Airport Division at International Airports, Calcutta and Chennai

Computer operations.



(S.O.640(E) dated 4.7.2001

Paradip Port Trust, Paradip Orissa

(a)        Muck cleaning; and

(b)          spillage removal .


U-23013/25/99-LW dated 12.11.2001

Godowns and depots of the Food Corporation of India

(1)   West Hill, Calicut, Kerala.

(2)Mavelikkara, Kerala

(3) Chalakudy, Kerala

Handling of foodgrains, including their loading/unloading from any means of transport, storing and stacking of the same in the godown.


No. S-16014/254/99-LW dated 12.11.01

Sree Chitra Thirunal Institute for Medical Sciences and Technology, Thiruvananthapuram.

Operation of air condition plant and allied installations namely air handling units, compressors, pipelines, connected electrical accessories, cooling towers, pumps, package units, solar units, chillers.

No.S-16014/349/99-LW dated 25.01.02

S.O. 110 (E)

Cargo Terminal in the establishment of the Airport Authority of India, Air Cargo Terminal, Indira Gandhi International Airport, New Delhi

Computer Data Feeding Operations


No.U-23013/1/2000-LW dated 25.01.02

Indian Oil Corporation Limited at Visakha Terminal

1.      Electrical maintenance.

2.      Upkeeping tank farm area including keeping the circular drains of all tanks dry and free from any water stagnation and removing vegetation on the sandpad foundation of tanks, walkways and bund walls.

3.      Upkeeping the white oil and black oil Tank Lorry Filling loading bays by removing waste material and sand oil mixture forming as raw cake by scrapping/digging.

4.      Upkeeping the yard roads inside the Terminal premises including removing dry leaves, grass and other rubbish such as waste paper, used cotton waste, wooden pieces, etc., from the Terminal premises and emptying the trash tins on a day-to day basis.

5.      Upkeeping Chief Terminal Manager Bungalow area including maintaining road margins in the area.

6.      Removal of the oil spillage near the pumps in the White Oil and Black Oil JP-5 and fire pump houses, keeping the pump houses and manifold area clean and tidy including collecting the oil in the sumps below pipeline on either side of the pump houses and keeping the area dry, clean and tidy.

7.      Removing the oil spillages at the Black Oil and White Oil Tank Lorry Filling shed then and there with dry sand and maintaining upkeepment of all the bays including Aviation Turbine Fuel sumps at Tank Lorry Filling shed.

8.      Removing the oil spillages at the Tank Wagon gantry with dry sand and keeping the gantry area dry and clean always including spreading sand below the gantry and between tracks as and when necessary.

9.      Maintaining upkeepment inside and outside the stores, Lube stacking yard by removing the dry grass, oil spillages using dry sand and maintaining lube oil barrel faces neat and clean.

10.  Maintaining all the office building within the Terminal premises neat and tidy including main office building (Ground and First Floor) toilets, laboratory, Generator rooms, pump houses, transport shed, stores, security room, Fire Fighting equipment room, godowns, cylinder shed including all toilets, bathrooms, windows, and other furniture including Venetian blinds in the above buildings on day-to-day basis.

11.  Removing mud and other collections from all open drains in the Terminal including clearing of mud from Hume pipe/culverts wherever necessary.

12.  Maintaining lab equipment neatly on day-to-day basis and emptying the accumulated samples at laboratory.

13.  Developing and maintaining green belt and gardening at Terminal and Chief Terminal Managers bungalow.


No.U-23013/23/2000-LW dated 6.2.02 S.O 168 (E)

Kolkata Telephones

1.   Lineman helper.

2.   The office work of carrying/rearranging/delivery of office documents/other allied items within and outside the office building.

3.   Liftman for non-automatic lifts.

4.   Day to day operation and maintenance of air condition plant except periodical maintenance (monthly/quarterly/half-yearly/annual) and those undertaken by the original manufacturers/suppliers of equipments,

5.Operation and maintenance of electrical installations, the battery and power plant.


No.U-23013/23/2000-LW dated 26.02.02 {S.O. 234 (E)}

Metro Railways, Kolkata

Checking Assistant


No.S-16014/78/00-LW dated 10.5.02

S.O. 502(E)

Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Limited, Shakur Basti installations, Delhi

Maintenance of vehicles and equipments, namely, Tank Trucks, Jeep, Forklifts, DG Sets and Fire Engine.


No.S-16014/101/01-LW dated 31.5.02.

Air India, Mumbai

Work of preventive and breakdown maintenance of hoists and cranes.


No.S-16014/193/00-LW dated 5.07.02.

S.O.706 (E)

American Express Bank Limited, Travel Related Services, Gurgaon-122106

1.      Sorting and distribution of mail, reports, fax and telex, department-wise;

2.      Entry of courier packets;

3.      Segregation of new accounts and membership services letters, Indian Rupee and Corporate card applications;

4.      Filing and reference works;

5.      Preparation of sets and despatch of Birthday cards.


No.U-23013/4/2000-LW, dated 31.7.02



Offices/establishments of Central Public Works Department, Ministry of Urban Development and Employment, New Delhi


1.             Air Conditioner Mechanic.

2.             Air Conditioner Operator.

3.             Air Conditioner Khalasi/helper.

4.             Electrician.

5.             Wireman.

6.             Khalasi (Electrical).

7.             Carpenter.

8.             Mason.

9.             Fitter.

10.         Plumber.

11.         Helper/Beldar.

12.         .Mechanic.

13.         Sewerman.

14.         Sweeper.

15.         Foreman.

No.S-16014/232/00-LW dated 19.8.02


Indian Oil Institute of Petroleum Management, Indian Oil Corporation Limited, 83, Institutional Area, Sector 18, Gurgaon, Haryana

House keeping except sweeping, cleaning, dusting and watching of building; food supply and associated services


S16014/19/2001-LW dated 9.6.03 in super-session of notification S. O. 1168 (E) dated 27th December, 2000

Manoharpur Mines of Steel Authority of India Limited, Chiriya, District Singhbhum (West), Bihar

Raising and breaking of iron ore.


No. S.16014/337/99-LW) dated 18.2.2004

Jheel Siding Coaching complex and Howrah/Bamangachi Diesel Shed

job of Safaiwala for sweeping, cleaning of yard, platform, stores, office and garden including drains/ latrines, sprinkling of saw dust, scrapping and collection of garbages/rubbish, mud, silt etc and their disposal by lorry/railway wagon daily .


 No. U-23013/8/01-Lwdated 19.2.2004

Kanchrapara Workshop of Eastern Railway, Kolkata



(1)   Collection of shop refuses, rubbish/silt from various points located in the loco complex and dumping into nominated bins.

(2)   Sorting out scraps and rubbish/silt so collected.

(3)   Cleaning of rubbish bins.


(4)      Removal of all workshop ash and refuse including mud, after sorting from different shops of Carriage and Wagon Complex and loading the same into railway Wagons/Truck

(5)      Unloading of all workshop Ash and refuse including mud at selected sites.

(6)      Unloading of coal/coke/sand or clay for different shops within the workshop area and re-loading of coal/coke without crane.

(7)      Stacking and levelling of coal/coke

(8)      Separating Slate and Stones from Coal/coke and stacking.

(9)       Scrapping of shop floors.


No.S.16014/324/2001-LW dated 8th March, 2004

1.   Tollygunge Station.

2.   Rabindra Sarobar Station.

3.   Kalighat Station.

4.   Jatin Das Park Station.

5.   Netaji Bhavan Station.

6.   Rabindra Sadan Station

7.   Maidan Station

8.   Park Street Station.

9.   Esplanade Station.

10.  Chandni Chowk Station.

11.  Central Station.

12.  Mahatma Gandhi Road Station.

13.  Girish Park Station.

14.  Sovabazar Station.

15.  Shyambazar Station.

16.  Belgachia Station.

17.  Dum Dum Station

Safaiwala in all Seventeen Metro Stations specified in the Table given below, Tollygunge Satellite Reservation Office, Health Unit and Fire Station of Tollygunge and its other offices except Car Shed and its area of Metro Railways, Kolkata.


No. U-23013/16/01-LW dated 15th July 2004

Food Storage Depot of the Food Corporation of India at Adra (West Bengal)

(1)         Rake loading and unloading

(2)         Truck loading and unloading

(3)         Refilling and stacking

(4)         Breaking of stacks and restacking

(5)         Dust clearance

(6)         Shifting of food grains from one shed to another shed

(7)         Counting the bags/weighing bags, stacking/refilling at the time of physical verification

(8)         Opening and closing of the sheds and shutters

(9)         Cleaning the sheds

(10)     Brushing the stacks

(11)     Spraying medicines on the bags

(12)     Drying of damaged food grains

(13)     Drain cleaning

(14)     Sweeping

(15)     Manning the gates.


S-16014/60/2002-LW Vol.II dated 26th July, 2004

Airport Authority of India at Indira Gandhi International Airport and domestic Airport at Delhi

Trolley retrieval.


No. S-16014/25/2002-LW dated 08th December 2004

Nuclear Science Centre, Aruna Asaf Ali Marg, New Delhi.

Main gate reception


No. S-16014/220/99-LW dated 10th June, 2005

Bandel and Sreerampur Railway Station of Eastern Railways.

Parcel handling (loading & unloading of parcel goods).


No. U-23013/11/03-LW dated 10th June, 2005

All India Institute of Medical Sciences at New Delhi.

Operation and day to day maintenance of lifts, generators and water pumps.


No. S-16014/157/01-LW dated 7th July, 2005. [S.O. 959(E)]

Kolkata Port Trust, Kolkata.

Sleeper renewal of railway tracks, repairing, restoration and laying and linking of tracks


No. U-23013/12/03-LW dated 18th January, 2006

[S.O. 51(E)]

Research Centre Imarat, Vignyana Kancha, Hyderabad and Garrison Engineer (I), Research and Development, Research Centre Imarat, Chandrayanagutta, Keshovgiri Post, Hyderabad

Sweeping and cleaning; and electrical sub statation.


No. S-16014/247/01-LW dated 17th March, 2006

Defence Institute of Physiology and Allied Sciences under Garrison Engineer (I), Research and Development, Timarpur, Delhi

Operation and maintenance of electric sub station and pump house.


No. S-16014/46/04-LW dated 17th March, 2006

M/s Balmer and Lawrie Company Limited, Kolkata, Grease Division.

Electrical and mechanical repairs.


No. S-16014/47/05-LW dated 31st March, 2006

Industrial Development Bank of India Limited, Shakespear Sarani, Kolkata 700017.

Security Guards.


No. S-16014/248/01-LW dated 14th June, 2006 [S.O.898(E)]

Defence Institute of Fire Research under Garrison Engineer (I), Research and Development Organisation, Lucknow Road, Timarpur, Delhi

Maintenance of electric sub-station and pump house.


No. U-23013/6/2001-LW dated 17th November, 2006

Central Warehousing Corporation, Village Ghazipur, Patparganj, Delhi.

Handling of import and export container and cargo, their loading and unloading from road vehicle and their stuffing, destuffing in and from container.


No. S-16014/94/2000-LW dated 17th November, 2006

National Clearing Cell of Reserve Bank of India, New Delhi.

Works of maintenance of electric fittings, operation and the maintenance of generator set and maintenance of central air conditioning system


U-23013/22/2003-LW dated 3rd July, 2007.

1.   Food Corporation of India, FSD, KAKTUR, NELLORE, AP

2.      Food Corporation of India, FSD, RATNAGIRI, MAHARASHTRA

Loading and unloading ,stacking, destacking, restacking, standardization, weighment, sweeping and cleaning.


U-23013/22/ 2003

-LW dated 23rd April,, 2010. S.0.747(E)

60 Depots of Food Corporation of India, FSD

Loading and unloading ,stacking, destacking, restacking, standardization, weighment, sweeping and cleaning


S-16014/31 /2008-LW dated 13.12.2010

of Paradip Port Trust, District Jagdisinghpur (Orissa),

the repairs or maintenance work of BG Permanent Railway Line



-LW dated 7th February, 2011

29 Depots of Food Corporation of India, FSD

Loading and unloading ,stacking, destacking, restacking, standardization, weighment, sweeping and cleaning


S-16014/01/2011-LW dated 28.02.2011

Mechanical Division of the Haldia Refinery of Indian Oil Corporation Limited, Purba, Medinipur, West Bangal

normal maintenance, repair of emergency shut downs and operation works, except for annual turn-around,


No. U-23013/01/2011-LW dated 6th May, 2011.

Central Mechanical Engineering Research Institute (CMERI) Durgapur Burdwan, West Bengal

security supervisors or guards


No. U-23013/13/2010-LW dated 25th May, 2011

Lube Oil Blending Plant of M/s Indian Oil Corporation, Budge Budge Kolkata, West Bengal

barrel filling and small can filling ( upto one litre)


S.O.2776(E) dated 14th December, 2011(U-23013/02/2010-LW )

Establishment of Commissioner of Customs and Central Excise, Hyderabad

Job of Sweeping and cleaning


S.O.1419(E) dated 22nd June, 2012 (M-15030/05/2010-LW)

Oil and Natural Gas Commission at Tatipaka, Amalapuram, Mori, Narasapuram of Rajahmundry Basin, Andhra Pradesh

Jobs of Security Guards and Security Supervisors

NOTE: Notifications at S No 2, 29, 32, 39 and 59 have been quashed by the Supreme Court /High Court.